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A collection of pioneering aviation history by Andy Kosch, Director of Whitehead Replica Project

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Thanks to Andy Kosch's 30 year passion, along with efforts of many others, aviation history is being rewritten. "Jane's All The World's Aircraft", internationally recognized as the bible of aviation history, recognizes Gustave Whitehead's No. 21 airplane as flying two years before the Wright Brothers 1903 flight.

The Smithsonian Institute adamantly defends it's position, "not so."  However, the Smithsonian signed a contract with executors of the Wright Brothers estate, agreeing never to say otherwise or lose possession of the Wright Flyer now on display. That's history being distorted by a contract!

Photos, articles, witness statements, hearsay and more about aviation pioneer Gustave Whitehead, born Gustav Weißkopf on January 1, 1874 in Leutershausen, Bavaria, Germany.


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